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Harness the power of the sun with solar power! Our solar power solutions offer a range of solar systems like Rooftop, Street Lights, Power Packs, Ground Mounted and Off Grid, On Grid Solar Systems . Make a positive change, reduce your energy bills and help save the environment. Contact us today to start your journey to solar power.

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Upto 40% Subsidy

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Ground Mounted Systems

Ground-mounted solar systems essentially all work the same—systems anchor to the ground and hold a large number of stacked panels, often two but sometimes three or four panels high. Two rails usually support each panel, whether oriented in landscape or portrait.

Solar Rooftop Systems

India is on a phenomenally transformative journey of implementing broad-ranging solar technology for clean energy generation. Rooftop potential for the entire country is the number of rooftops that would be suitable for solar power with minimum maintenance .

Power Packs

Solar Power Pack is hybrid battery charger and DC power solution for DC equipment. It can provide power to battery and DC equipment using both solar as well as AC mains supply. Power Pack uses microcontroller based MPPT algorithm to maximise energy from solar PV array. 

Solar Street Lighting Systems

Kapil Power Solar Street Lighting Systems are the reliable outdoor solar lighting system for providing lighting during night time. The inbuilt sensor inside the Luminaire checks the sunshine and switches OFF / ON the lamp accordingly.The Streetlights are operated automatically.